Into the Sea    Media:  Watercolor   
  Airspace    Media:  Watercolor and Ink   This artwork is in Harper's Bazaar UK Magazine, March 2015 Edition!     Purchase prints           
  City Lights    Media : Watercolor   
  Color Chains    Media:  Watercolor
  Blueberry Monster    Media:  Watercolor and black ink
  Building Blocks    Media:  Watercolor
  Organic Soup    Media:  Watercolor and ink
  Hot Flash    Media:  Watercolor and black ink
  Melted Ice Cream    Media:  Watercolor and Gouache
  Feathers    Media:  Watercolor and ink    Purchase a Limited Edition print
  Weeds    Media:  Watercolor, salt and ink    Click to purchase
  Dandelions & Lavender    Media:  Acrylic    Click to purchase on Minted
  Sunrise over Ontario    Media:  Acrylic on canvas.    Click to purchase on Minted        
  Late Night    Media:  Watercolor and black ink
  Red Ribbons    Media:  Red ink on canvas paper
  Ice Cream    Media:  Watercolor
  Swimming with Caterpillars    Media:  Acrylic   Click to purchase       
  Blue Highway    Media:  Acrylic and ink
  Seaweed    Media:  Acrylic on Canvas  Size: 36" x 24"
  Thumbprints    Media:  Watercolor
  Gray Thorns    Media:  Gray ink on canvas paper
  Alaska Underground    Media:  Acrylic on canvas    Purchase Limited Edition Print
  Gray Sky    Media:  Acrylic on canvas
  Random #7    Media:  Ink   Currently in all guest suites at the  Intercontinental Hotel in Beverly Hills .      Purchase prints
  Whatever    Media:  Acrylic on canvas  Size: 36" x 24"
  Inky Maze    Media:  Ink   This piece was in Issue #23 of Uppercase Magazine!     Purchase prints
  Pick-up Sticks    Media:  Ink     P     urchase prints
  Random #2    Media:  Ink
  Skating Rink    Media:  Black ink on canvas paper
  Tracks in the Mud    Media:  Black ink on canvas paper
  A Beautiful Mess    Media:  Acrylic on canvas
  Intersecting Lines    Media:  Black ink on illustration board
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