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Wallpaper & fabric Design

High Point Market was the launch of my new collaboration with Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason of Aphrochic. I illustrated and designed a series of patterns for their company which will be made into wallpaper, textiles and home goods.

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Floral_wallpaper_kim_johnson_studios_high_point_market 3.jpg

The inspiration for this collection was florals intermingled with modern dancers. The fabrics that the dancers wear swirl around into organic shapes, sometimes looking like flower petals. This brilliant concept from Jeanine, along with my interpretation of exotic florals and dancer silhouettes made this pattern dramatic, timeless and truly beautiful. This concept allows the viewer to really take a second look at the design to see the hidden and beautiful details.

aphrochic 2.jpg
aphrochic 1.jpg
aphrochic 3.jpg
aphrochic 5.jpg
aphrochic 6.jpg

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